The Center for Curative Pedagogics (founded 1989) aims to implement the special needs people′s right for access to education, rehabilitation, and worthy life. For the years of the Center′s work over 9 000 children and their families received help at the Center.

All the Center’s activities are aimed to help every special needs child find way in his life — from diagnosing and early intervention to getting a profession and integration into society.

Hearty thanks to everybody, who during all these years has been helping and caring about the Center. We are open for all the people concerned by the problems of special-needs children.


You are welcome tohelp aparticular child, take part inaprogram, which you consider the most important and actual, ormake adonation for the assessed activities ofthe Center.

To make a donation please choose any ofthe following:
download aform ofSberbank and settle itatany office through "Municipal payments" booth;
— transfer funds tothe bank account ofCCP;
— with the help ofabank card ordirect transfer from the bank account you can make adonation via;

— account holders ofCitibank can make transfers using Internet-banking at;
— donate directly through the Center′s cash desk and get areceipt;
— take part inthe action "Charity Instead OfSouvenirs".

Weare open for everybody concerned with the problems ofspecial-needs children.

You always can make sure that the help you provide isefficiently used. Wewill provide you areport onthe work done and expenditure ofthe donated resources.



   thousand of the Russian children with disabilities, according to official statistics, are deprived of getting education and hence are isolated and have poor chances on a worthy life.

About the Centre


children and their families received help through the years of the Center’s work.
The Center was founded in 1989 by the initiative of specialists and parents as an alternative to the system of closed-type boarding schools. Center for Curative Pedagogics is one of the first organizations in Russia that started rendering help to children and adolescents considered uneducable. The Center runs large scale training programs for specialists working at rehabilitation organizations of many Russia’s regions, initiates the creation of similar centers all over Russia, and carries out scientific research, publishing and rights’ protection activities.

Work results

In 2011 CCP provided 1016 children and teenagers with therapeutic help. CCP experts provided professional training to 1712 regional specialists from all over Russia. Download Annual Report—2008 (pdf, 1,6MB)

Main Directions of the Center’s Work

Therapeutic and pedagogical aid to children, adolescents, and young people having disorders of development, information and juridical support of their families;

Sharing the experience of Center for Curative Pedagogics;

Forming the public opinion, promotion of the tolerance in the society.

ASpecial Playground
On Friday, 18 October, we officially opened our integrative playground. It was built for our Centre by Natalia Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation.
CCP Benefit Race
Michael Green is a managing partner of Action marketing agency and a member of CCP Board of Trustees. Michael decided to participate in a marathon in Berlin to support CCP and has collected £1,660 (87,122 roubles) for us!
Struggling for Free Choice
The process of child development requires the ability to make a choice. It is especially important for a child with disabilities and Misha’s story proves it.

We are grateful to all those, who are interested in our wards' lives. Feel free to contact us or discover the opportunities to help us.