The Art group “Vdohnovenie”

The creative crash course, with 32 participants (including volunteers, students and teachers of the CCP) took place in the rehabilitation centre “Vdohnovenie” in the suburbs of Moscow between 10th and 16th of June. Again, similar to last year’s experience, the musical band ‘Moonberry Jam’ and its director Sasha Vodinskiy
collaborated with the art class for the teenagers under the supervision of Lena Antonova to create the musical clip. The art group manager Anya Kibrik comes up with the details:” These activities are very popular in other european countries, less so in Russia, but they are starting to appear. Every school child can join a club of
his/her interest: football, music etc. But the only option available for the children with special needs is art therapy. Despite being greatly important and helpful in unlocking the child’s potential, it is absolutely not resultoriented.

Our aim was to create the space and conditions, in which teenagers and young people could use their creativity thoughtfully and mindfully, according to their potential. We chose the jazz standard “Night and Day” as a basis for our classes. In the next five days the musical band had to master it to an appropriate level and the art group had to come up with the video imagery. The art group worked under the supervision of professional producers who wrote the script and what not. That was real filming! In the end the children saw the version of the product that was put together after several sleepless nights, so that they could see what they had been working on for the whole week. But that version is not final. The official release is planned for the late autumn together with the documentary about the camp group. The strict schedule made it easier for the participants to keep on working. Some children left their parents and their homes for the first time, others just lacked this kind of experience. Communication aids, such as cards, gestures, Makaton programmes and notes, were also used a lot. The camp was aimed at getting new experience, adequate to the ages of the participants. We have put together the timetable of after school clubs, so that each person could choose something for himself out of 34 options. For instance, the dancing and movement club with the elements of contact improvisation and trust exercises turned out to be useful, taking into account how difficult we all find the interaction between our body and the space around us. The football club was very popular. Some clubs were managed by the members of the team of the rehabilitation centre “Vdohnovenie” such as the gardening club, where the children learned to plant, weed and shovel or the tea ceremony club, where they learned about herbs and how to infuse them and drank teas. We are especially thankful to the rehabilitation centre “Vdohnovenie’, to its director Volodya Kupavskiy and to his colleague and wife Alesya. They were attentive to our requirements, friendly and helpful. They were grateful that we visited them. A big thank you goes to all the teachers, volunteers and children as well, It was a
mindblowing experience!”